St George and the Dragon — a play for children for April 23rd (St George’s Day) by Elizabeth Obadina

This story, which first gained popularity in the 14th century, is set in Libya (or Lydda, depending on which translation you read), where a dragon was terrorising the local populace who tried to appease it by feeding it all their flocks of sheep. When all the sheep had been eaten, they turned to human sacrifices but even so the beast continued to destroy the countryside. Finally, it was decided to sacrifice the princess in a last-ditch attempt to buy off the dragon. Fortunately for her, along came St. George on his trusty white charger and duly slew the offending dragon, freeing the princess in the process. It is said that the story is allegorical, with the dragon representing Satan and the princess representing the Christian church.

St George and the Dragon


  • Narrator (s)
  • Dragon
  • St George
  • Sheep Flock leader:
  • Maiden 1
  • Maiden 2



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